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About this Virgin Entrepreneur

Hi!  My name is Peter and I’m the virgin entrepreneur who has put fingers to keyboard to author these musings, which I hope you will enjoy.

A little bit about me.  Currently, I’m working on the website  It’s my first Internet enterprise and it’s still in its infancy and developing – I guess it’s somewhat like my new baby boy!

It’s not my first stab at being an entrepreneur, but every time is new and it is certainly different.  I first started business fresh out of uni with 3 other Computer Science grads from Cave Hill.  We started PCS, or Professional Computer Services, Limited, which developed bespoke software.  We actually made some money, so I guess it was a success.

Then, as a freelancer, I had my own professional services company, as you do, for a number of years.  It was a really enjoyable experience and it took me from Australia to Brazil with stops in-between in Austria and Germany and, of course, the UK.  Again, I also made some money, so I guess it was successful, too!

Now, I’m on a completely new journey in trying to be an Internet entrepreneur.  It’s a completely different experience from my last 2 enterprises, but I’m enjoying it and, hopefully, it’ll be more successful than the last 2.

Check out my professional profile on LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading my blog.

  1. best of luck for your journey in Entrepreneurship Peter!

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