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A spot of inclement weather or something a bit more?

March 13, 2014
Photo: Michael Short, The Chronicle

Photo: Michael Short, The Chronicle

What a winter of rain, stormy seas, floods, high winds and property damage we had!

If you’re from these isles, you’ve got to believe that climate change is happening and happening, now!

UK records suggest that southern England had the wettest January in records going back to 1910 with the average rainfall being over 200% their long-term average.

In fact, the historic Radcliffe Meteorological Station at Oxford University had January as having the highest monthly rainfall than any other winter month in nearly 250 years!

The picture wasn’t that much different north of the border.  Last December, Scotland recorded its wettest month ever.

And the Met Office recently released its results, which confirmed what we all felt and knew already.  The UK had the wettest winter since official records began in 1910.

Across the pond, a giant winter storm, which created havoc on the East coast of the US, moved into Canada. While California was into its third year of a record-breaking drought.

Even Asia wasn’t spared.  In February, Japanese media reported record snowfall while a monstrous storm, like an aerial tsunami, rolled over Sydney and unleashed more than 12mm of rain in March.

We’re seeing records being smashed every where we look!

One might argue that weather records, like sporting ones, are there to be broken.  But not at the rate we’re now seeing and not, almost, everywhere you look!

So, if you’re climate change agnostic, surely you must suspend your disbelief and get with the program.  It’s happening, and it’s happening, now!

And if the jet stream has shifted, as some believe, we’ll have to live with and get used to it pretty quickly.

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