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Early Europeans had Blue Eyes and Dark Skins

January 27, 2014

Early Europeans had Blues Eyes and Dark SkinA surprising result has emerged from the DNA sequence of a European hunter who perished in the north-west mountains of Spain some 7,000 years ago.

His DNA sequence revealed that early Europeans had blue eyes and dark skins as recent as 7,000 years ago.

It was once commonly thought that homo sapiens, relatively soon after leaving Africa for the higher latitudes of Europe, became fairer through the need to synthesize vitamin D in their skin.

This finding goes against that belief since “this guy has been in Europe for 40,000 years and he still has dark skin” explained Dr Carles Lalueza-Fox from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona, who was the lead author on the study.

You can see a video of this early European, below.  Please note that the commentary is in Spanish.

Early European with Blue Eyes and Dark Skin Revealed

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