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p2people upgrade now offers a user experience like no other jobs site!

November 27, 2013

Welcome to the New p2people!  An experience like no other jobs site!

Over the last several weeks, the p2people team have been working flat-out to bring you an unrivaled and compelling user experience.  To ensure that no stone was left unturned, we even delayed our scheduled November 11 launch.  However, today, we’re both excited and proud to announce the arrival of our much improved service!

There have been a number of new features added and old ones improved.  Some of the new features we’d like to highlight include:

p2people upgrades service to offer an experience like no other jobs site!

p2people upgrade – something to celebrate!

Engaging User Interface

We’ve redesigned p2people’s UI to help you do things easier, quicker and first time.

So, for example, we’ve made options more readily accessible and easily selectable and added more data completion features or “auto completes” to allow you to quickly enter information.

And through our 1message™ technology, you’ll always be informed of every event or required action in a consistent and unobtrusive way.

Improved Performance

We’ve made p2people leaner.  Overall, p2people will load faster and seem more responsive and this benefit will be felt across most of our site.

So, whether you’re searching for jobs or advertising your job on our site, you should experience this speed boost.  This means there’ll be less delay in getting started, so there’s more time to get things done.

Industry Leading Security

The security of your data is paramount and to strengthen site security, we’ve added the leading web application firewall, ModSecurity, to help keep your data safe and secure.

In fact, a recent report found that ModSecurity was more effective than CloudFlare or Incapsula – the two leading providers that offer similar services – in preventing vulnerabilities.

Working alongside ModSecurity to reduce the effects of denial of service, distributed denial of service and brute force attacks, we’ve deployed mod_evasive, Fail2ban and other security best practices to help keep your information safe and secure.

Dockable Bars

Another new feature that we’re very excited about, is our dockable/undockable bars.  They allow convenient access to search whenever your scrolling, for example, jobs or services.

Moreover, they make it easy to share jobs or news of interest with your friends or followers.

And dockable bars are swappable, which means, for example, you can swap out the searchbar and swap in the jobs-by-email bar, if you’d like to save your current search as a job email, which is a real convenience!

Newsletter Subscription

Interested in what’s new with p2people but too busy to visit our site?  You can now easily submit your email to receive the latest news through our biweekly newsletter.

To sign up, just go to a dockable and click on the “Get biweekly newsletter” link underneath it.  We’ll add your email to the newsletter email list and you’ll receive your copy during the next mailing.

Continuous Scrolling

We’ve added continuous scrolling to selected pages on our site.  This allows you to scroll new jobs or services in real-time, as they arrive!

Moreover, you can now grab the next (or previous) page of jobs or services by simply scrolling down (or up), so there’s no need to jump to the top or bottom of the listing to click on the next page button!  We seamlessly handle page navigation in the background, so you can focus all your attention on finding your next job!

These are just some of the new features you’ll immediately notice once you start using p2people.  But the list doesn’t end here.  We’re polishing off some even more exciting features, which we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks ahead! So why not visit p2people and sign up to our newsletter to keep informed of what’s new with p2people!

We hope you’ll enjoy the New p2people, as we’ve enjoyed making it a safer, more productive and convenient service to help you get freelance jobs and outsource your services!

The p2people team

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