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Could ET be living just next door?

November 6, 2013

ImageThe analysis from the Kepler data is in and the findings are astonishing.  If we account for planets not observed or could not be observed by Kepler, then in the Milky Way alone, 1 in 5 sun-like stars have Earth-sized planets in the same, warm and welcoming habitable zone that gave rise to life on Earth.

This boggles the mind!

Think, the nearest Earth-sized, habitable planet could be a mere 12 light years away – that’s less than 3-times the distance of the Alpha Centauri system, our closest neighbouring star system, from Earth.  And it is possible that the closest, habitable Earth-sized planet could actually be hiding in the strong glare of the Alpha Centauri stars, given that an Earth-sized planet has already been found closely orbiting one of those sun-like stars.

But that’s not where this incredible finding ends.  Apparently, if you tote up the numbers, the Milky Way alone could harbour up to 8.8 billion habitable earth-sized planets!  And given that there are approximately 100-300 billion galaxies, then the universe could have more Earth-sized planets than there are grains of sand on Earth!

So, if we were to look up to the evening sky, and scanned the brightest stars, we could be looking at the light from a star that has an Earth-sized, habitable planet and given the numbers that exist around stars like our own, it is possible, given the laws of physics, chemistry and biology, that several of those planets could have some form of life, just like that which exists on our Earth.

This is truly amazing!

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