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Finally, UFC 145: Bones v Suga!

April 21, 2012

UFC 145: Jones v EvansI don’t know if you were able to catch the last part of the pre-fight weigh in, but it was quite intense – and that’s an understatement!

The animosity, sense of betrayal and mutual dislike was evident for all to see.

It was a bit like Brock’s surprise return to the world of the WWE, a ‘sport’ that, I must admit, I once used to enjoy, several Wrestlemannia Xs ago (be weary UFC!).

But hey, a guy’s gotta work.  And Brock was engaged in a sport where his intestinal fortitude would be and was, literally, tested.  So I guess it’s a welcome change from the elbows and knees of MMA.

Well the UFC ain’t no WWE.  And unlike WWE, the entertainment ends and the sport begins when the fighters enter the ring, and that’s tonight.

So what’s my prediction.

Well, Jones has been awesome in his last 8 fights. Notwithstanding his first round against a wily Machida, he has dominated all of his fights, even when controversially losing to Matt Hamill.

He has great movement, top-notch wrestling, improving stand-up and a reach that allows him to win from the outside.

Rashad is a much improved fighter.  In his 2 return fights against a rejuvenated Tito and game Davis, he was awesome. He’s also very quick, has great MMA wrestling and owns counter-punching knock-out power.

And that’s what I think is Rashad’s route to winning this fight and that is, as Wikipedia predicted today, by KO, but he’ll need to get close to Jones to achieve it.

But I don’t believe that’s going to happen.  I predict it’s going to go the distance with Rashad getting increasingly frustrated by Jones’ unwillingness to step in, and why blame him.

Rashad won’t get the counter and Jones will win by unanimous decision to retain the UFC Light Heavyweight belt.  But hey, who am I to go against what Wikipedia thinks!

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  1. Looks like Wikipedia got it wrong and I got it right! Jones puts on a dominant performance to win by unanimous decision

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