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Realilty really does mirror fiction

April 12, 2012

I’m an avid science fiction fan and I would call myself a trekker – if not a trekkie.

One of my favourite Voyager episodes is ‘Distant Origin‘ where a pair of alien scientists, Voth, are intent on proving that their species originated from a distant part of the galaxy.

In carrying out their investigations, they come across skeletal human remains, whose DNA closely matches that of their own.  In seeking out any living sources of that DNA, they encounter, and surreptitiously monitor, the lost crew of Voyager.

Well, to make a long story short, it turns out that they are indeed related to humans even though the Voth are a highly evolved and technologically superior species of dinosaur!

This brings me to the Death Star dinosaur aliens could rule galaxy article I just read in the Register.  Prof Ronald Breslow, an organic chemist, suggested in a paper that Earth dinosaurs could have continued their evolutionary path on distant worlds, albeit, after being transported there as microbes inside asteroid impact ejecta.

The article has even suggested that they may even have their own interstellar exploration programmes.  Well, I wouldn’t be surprised given their evolutionary head start of approx. 65 million years!

Below is an image of the Voth as generated by Voyager’s holocube.

Voth in Voyager's Distant Origina episode

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