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StartUp Britain, great idea but we need more

March 31, 2011

This week, the UK government helped to launch StartUp Britain – a new initiative to support UK entrepreneurs.

StartUp Britain

StartUp Britain - The Government supported new business initiative

I applaud this initiative and the government’s front-foot step, please excuse this cricketing metaphor given the current Cricket World Cup, to support British entrepreneurs, who have long laboured on unequal terms in comparison to our transatlantic neighbours in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the US.

However, more needs to be done. Progressively lowering corporation tax, as announced during the recent Budget, is also a good step, as would be reducing the crazy 50p tax rate, which discourages high earners from doing so in the UK!

But the rational why the government needs to do more to support new businesses is simple.  Businesses create jobs and the only way the UK is going to recover from this recession and grow is by businesses creating jobs.  Simple.

And let the beautiful multiplier take effect!


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