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Vince Cable, one more strike I’m afraid!

December 21, 2010

Second strike

Today, the Prime Minister decided to publically chide Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, rather than sack him, for inappropriately sharing his strong views on the proposed takeover of BSkyB by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp with a group of Telegraph reporters masquerading as his constituents.

But during the same series of remarks, Mr Cable offered to use the “nuclear option” of resignation to end the Coalition and bring down the Government to stop the rapid churn out and implementation of Tory policies, which I’m sure the Prime Minister was equally unhappy to hear.

First strike

Earlier in the month, during the run up to the vote on university tuition fees, there was some confusion over whether Mr Cable would actually vote for his own proposals or abstain.  It was a typical British panto moment but on the political stage, as superbly described by Ian Bell of the Herald Scotland.

Mr Cable vacillated between supporting his proposals, then suggested that he might abstain, as part of a collective agreement within his Liberal Democrat party.  Then he confirmed that he would indeed vote for the proposals, as would all Lib Dem members of the Coalition.  Hmm.


So where does that leave our Mr Cable?  Well, he’s already used his two strikes within the space of a month, so he’ll better hope the year roles over into 2011 rather quickly without him needing to speak to the media, surreptitiously or not.  However, surely (and I didn’t call you Shirley!) he’s made his last gaffe – well at least as the Business Secretary.


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