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Potentially Trillions of Undiscovered Earths

December 2, 2010

Recently, scientists reported that they’ve underestimated the number of red dwarf stars in elliptical galaxies by as much as a factor of 20!  You see, they assumed that elliptical galaxies were just like our own spiral Milky Way.  But now that view has been challenged and this has unsettled the apple cart of astronomers who want a more orderly universe.

Given that these elliptical galaxies make up one-third of galaxies in the known universe, there could be  3-times more stars than thought and a bit less dark matter – maybe no dark matter at all, just dark red dwarfs!

So what does this mean for those interested in life outside our planet, out there in the universe?  Well simply, trillions of Earths, not billions, could be orbiting a staggering 300 sextillions of stars, and these are just red dwarfs and doesn’t even include the main sequence stars, just like our Sun.

Now that’s amazing!


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