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Past Performance, NOT an Indicator

April 20, 2010

Tottenham has had a wonderful season. They’ve beaten Liverpool away, Arsenal and Chelsea at home and might even beat Manchester (that’s the United one, of course) at Old Trafford.

They play a style of football which is both entertaining and now successful.  And I’m sure most punters, like me, believe they’re the favourites to claim fourth-spot and a place in next season’s Champions League.

I’m also sure most of the many Spurs fans in-and-around Edmonton will be licking their lips with the thoughts of going one or even two-steps further and actually challenging for the Premiership next season.

Well, I hope what I’m going to say next isn’t going to put too much of a dampener on their aspirations, but I’d just like to point out to Harry this well-known maxim which can be used as a disclaimer to avoid any misunderstandings and potential law-suits, just in case things don’t turn out as the many success-hungry Spurs fans would like:

“Past Performance is not an Indicator of Future Performance” or success.

So if the hedge funds can use it, I’m sure people won’t mind if Harry does, too.

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One Comment
  1. Ok, it looks like I got a bit excited about Tottenham’s chances of beating Man U.

    I still think they’re the favourites to claim the coveted fourth spot, but I’ve just got a sneaky feeling that somehow Liverpool might steal it right under their noses.

    Never mind. If things don’t go quite according to plan, it’s ok if Harry decides to pull out that little disclaimer a little bit earlier than he would’ve hoped.

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