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Take One Small Step

March 26, 2010

Have you come across the Take One Small Step campaign?  It’s an interesting concept.  It allows the general public to “support”, i.e. vote for, their favourite business ideas which share a prize of £500,000.  So, it’s a bit like Shell liveWIRE but for grown ups!

But, if you’re asking the general public to vote for their best business ideas, then you’re going to get some winners that might not necessary be all that innovative or potentially successful.

You might point out that, ultimately, it’s the general public that decides which products succeed or fail in the market, so you might as well get it over and done with before you even start!

Well that’s not necessarily true, as the target market for one’s product could well be b2b or b2g!  So, a potentially lucrative and innovative b2b idea could well end up coming short in competition to a popularly supported b2c one because the general public just “doesn’t get it”.

Well, I hope Julie can do just as good a job as Simon on American Idol in steering the public in the direction of which contestants deserve to win!


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