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The Price of Being with Virgin

January 27, 2010

Well, I‘m sure you heard all about the hoopla concerning BT and Phorm. Well now, Virgin Media has decided that they too want to snoop on you to see what you’re up to.

It seems they’re trialing a software product called CView, which allows something called “deep packet inspection”, which means they can see not only addressing info (download source or upload destination) but also file names too, which conceivably could be linked to your IP address.

Personally, I’m totally against it.  And I would like to point out that if it’s illegal for the Royal Mail to open our letters, shouldn’t it also be illegal for Virgin Media to open our packets?  Or is this another grey area that certain large companies are more than happy to exploit?

Apparently, Virgin confirmed to the BBC that 40% of their customers could have their data scrutinized and this would not require customer consent, so no opt out – or should that be no opt in?

Anyway, I’m not a Virgin customer and have no intention of enjoying their much touted 50Mb speeds at this price.  Are you?  (Answers to both questions are welcome.)

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